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4 Fast and Easy Business Videos You Can Make Today

So you’ve decided you want to make a video to promote your business. You know that videos are one of the best ways to market a service or product but you’re not sure what kind of video to make, and you need one ASAP. Have no fear, BizFilms is here to help with four great business video ideas you can probably crank out in one day:

Product Demo: If you’re selling an actual physical item, why not make a video that demonstrates its features and how to use it? This works for everything from phones to luxury cars. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is even better because it combines moving pictures and audio (narration and music).

Business Walk-Through Tour: If you don’t have a specific product you sell and instead provide a professional service like a dentist, auto mechanic or real estate agent, a “walk through” video of your business location might be the way to go. In this type of video the camera is POV (“Point of View”) of the customer or client as you walk them through your location, pointing out all the equipment and staff that you’ve assembled to provide your service.

Testimonials: One of the easiest and most effective type of business videos you can make is the testimonial, where your customers and clients sing your praises. People tend to trust others like them, as evidenced by the popularity of online reviews written by actual customers. In fact a growing trend features the filming of people who gave positive Yelp reviews and then uploading these clips to your website, Facebook or YouTube channel. Two words of caution: always make sure you get a signed talent release from these people and NEVER script their comments. They must speak naturally and honestly… people can tell a mile a way if someone is reciting a “canned” or pre-scripted remark.

Provide Useful Information: If you’re a professional service provider like a lawyer or accountant, you obviously have tons of information your potential clients could benefit from. Why not film yourself (or have someone like BizFilms do it) showing you on camera providing helpful information or answering common questions your clients ask. For an example, let’s say you’re an estate planner. What are the top 3 most common questions you get from clients? Make a video of yourself answering these questions, upload it to YouTube and chances are good that as other people ask those questions they may find your video…and you!

If you don’t have a lot of cash of time, any of the above business video ideas should help you out. Or if you want a professional to do the work for you, BizFilms is ready to assist! Call or contact us today!