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7 Tips For Making A Great Video About Your Business

You just started a new business or you’re looking for ways to promote an existing biz. One of the more challenging decisions you’ll need to make is how to determine an advertising budget and how to spend it. Marketing options have evolved dramatically over the years and today every advertising strategy really needs to include a digital marketing component.

One of the best ways to create a dynamic ad campaign on a limited budget is with video. A well produced video provides an opportunity for you to interact with your customers and clients by allowing them to get to know you, your staff and business. This provides them with a comfort level and is especially important for small, local businesses. A study by Forrester Research Group showed that “video is 53 time more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results”.

When making your business video here are seven tips to keep in mind:

Keep It Brief. Several research studies show that most people have an attention span of about 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. This means that when you make an advertising or branding video you should say only your key marketing talking points and save everything else for your website, print material or follow-up videos.

Get Personal. People identify with and like to do business with someone they know. Consider including a testimonial or recommendation from one of your customers, or a welcome statement from yourself or a staff member.

Using Still Images With Video Is OK. A lot of people think that just because you’re making a video that everything in it must be moving video footage. Not true. Mixing video footage and still photographs of your products, staff, location and anything else that might interest your potential customers could very well add variety and make your video stand out.

Use Humor. Although videos that make people laugh can go viral and become very popular, there is a risk involved. Jokes and comedy can sometimes fall flat and end up making a worse impression. But if you think you have a funny idea, go ahead and try it out. But show it to as many people as possible first to make sure its as funny as you think it is.

Don’t Forget The Call To Action. This might sound like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many businesses forget to include a call to action somewhere in the video. What do you want people to do after watching your video? Call you? Send you an email? Visit your business? Whatever it is make sure you include it in your video. Don’t assume people will automatically know what you’d like them to do!

Get Your Video Out There. Making a video and uploading it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and your website is not enough. You need to tell people about it! If you have an email list, that’s a great place to announce your video. Other ideas include posters or flyers in your place of business and mentioning the video in any other advertising you do. If your video contains educational or informative information you could also do a press release to promote it. It’s not unusual for local TV stations to invite local business owners into the studio for a chat (usually during morning or noon news shows) to talk about something you announced in a press release.

Hire A Professional. Most people can tell the difference between amateur homemade videos and professional productions so which would you rather have in showing off your business? Hiring a professional video producer and filmmaker is a worthwhile investment you’ll want to consider. Fortunately BizFilms can provide this service at reasonable rates. Give us a call or send us a message to find out more!

A well-made video engages your customer and sets you apart from static ads seen all over the web. Video allows you to tell your customer what differentiates you from your competition. And best of all, a video provides a face customers and clients recognize and trust. And when it comes right down to it, that’s the kind of relationship you want with your customers.