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7 Ways Online Video Helped Grow A Small Business

If you think your business might be “too boring” to be the subject of a video, let me tell you about a company called Wasp Technologies. They make bar code scanners. Exciting, huh? Well, no, not really. But that didn’t stop them from jumping into YouTube and to date they have more than 30 online videos with about 5,000 subscribers and over 350,000 views. Here’s one of their videos:

They have identified 7 benefits of making video marketing with YouTube:

1.) Showing up near the top of YouTube search results (since YouTube is one of the most widely used search engines after Google).
2.) Increasing traffic to their company website.
3.) Building their social media presence.
4.) More engaged customers. By using YouTube analytics they can see when people lose interest in their videos and make adjustments for future productions.
5.) Winning national awards.
6.) Gaining press attention from articles (like this one).
7.) Inexpensive advertising through the YouTube PPC (pay per click) program.

If Wasp Technologies can be this successful in promoting boring old bar code scanners, just think what online video can do for your company!